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Can Agile Principles Help Run Successful Programs?

This article was first published by Scrum Alliance on July 22, 2013. During the last few years, my view of how programs work has evolved. It has moved from viewing program management as traditional “old-school” handling of multiple projects and product portfolios (dry and boring) to seeing program management as a key to ensuring organization success that… Read More »

Goldtaking Notes – Sustainable Pace, Agile India 2012

Here are the audience notes from the GoldTaking Exercise done at Agile India 2012 during the session on “Slowing down to speed up: Encouraging sustainable pace in teams” on 19-Feb-2012. Final slides are here. Video from the session: Group 1: How to motivate team to deliver at sustainable pace Acknowledge the achievements Environment, open culture,… Read More »

Agile India 2012: Slowing down to Speed up: Encouraging sustainable pace in teams

Agile India 2012: Slowing down to Speed up: Encouraging sustainable pace in teams Find the final presentation here. Here is the description: We would like solutions delivered fast without compromising quality, user experience, implicit requirements and non-functional aspects such as scalability and performance. This would have been easier, if we had all the time in the… Read More »